Quotes and Orders

7. Installation

Prior to Installation

Please ensure all pathways, access points and floors are clear of all debris prior to our arrival.

Please ensure all drop-in sinks and hotplates are on site.

PLEASE do not get your floors polished prior to the stone install.

Installations will be completed on site by Brisbane Granite & Marble Installs Pty Ltd
ABN: 80 140 216 762
QBCC License No: 1177948

On the day of Installation

Silicone is used to glue the benches down, and so you need to allow 24 hours before plumbers or electricians return to site to finalize their work. No exceptions please.

Warning notices will be left for all other trades to stay off the bench tops.

We suggest you also inform your builder and all other trades to stay clear of all benchtops, including standing and sitting on them, and placing their tools on them.

Benchtops are not covered for protection, however a sign will be left to discourage other trades to not use them as work benches!

Sealing your Stone

All natural stone will be sealed in our factory during our manufacture process.

For care of your stone top, please refer to our Care and Maintenance section.