Quotes and Orders

Placing an Order

Once you have accepted our quote, we will prepare a completed contract with reference to your quote.

By Law, a contract is required between both parties for all installations of stone work. Please read and understand this contract prior to signing, and then return to us with your initial deposit of 10%.

We will then order the stone from the wholesalers for delivery into our yard, and arrange for any measurements that are required. As part of our quality process, you will be asked to view the slab in our yard prior to any processing.

We will then need a set of signed-off final cabinetry plans, so we may begin our process of “Pre-Manufacturing”.

What is Pre-Manufacturing?

We are unique in the industry in the fact that we pre-manufacture our tops.

Our tops are manufactured longer and wider than necessary, honed or polished, with all edge work completed. Then after the final measure we process them down to a final size for installation.

To achieve this, we need 3-4 weeks minimum timeframe as opposed to the industry standard of 7-10 days.

This provides a much  higher quality finish by completing 75% of our work prior to your cabinets being installed.

After final measures, we can return in generally 5-7 days with your finished stone without being rushed and making mistakes.

If we cannot pre-manufacture, then timing will be considerably longer from measure to install.